1. March 2014: The Bafana Bafana vs Brazil friendly and some of the faces I saw 

    © Robynne Peatfield 

  2. March 2014: Riding through my beautiful city, Johannesburg.

  3. 22 Feb 2014: My dad’s wedding to Estelle at Casalinga. x

    © Robynne Peatfield 

  4. Feb 2014: The Mackenzie family. My beautiful aunt/uncle and cousins. x

  5. Feb 2014: The Teiwes family and their massive dogs/small babies. x

  6. Feb 2014: My boyfriend’s dad Jaap, and his sister Lisa. And my Dad Carl, and his sister Caroline. 

  7. Feb 2014. One week in the midlands and at the beach with my maaaans. Ocean, Matty and wine, a good week indeed x

  8. Beautiful Benji! At my friend Simone’s house Jan 2014. Swimming and splashing with this pooch all day long.

  9. Mozambique Jan 2014. Some snaps from the most relaxing, special and full-of-laughs holiday I’ve ever had with friends. Right on the beach, waking up to the sounds of waves and other questionable but unregrettable behaviour.

  10. First photo of the week for 2014. Might be with a phone camera but New Years Day in Simonstown. Spent with family and friends, the most spectacular new years so far xx